Ancient Cellars

The art of turning wine into a masterpiece

The story of Villa Spinosa is strictly connected to the wine production: that is why the cellars are located underneath the 19th century villa and the old farmhouses, which were turned into a wine shop and rooms to host tours and tastings, book readings, wine courses, cooking classes and shootings promoted by the Cultural Association. After the crushing and the fermentation, the wines are moved to the aging cellars into three different barrels: into barriques, into tonneaux,  into large casks of Slovanian oak, all related to a different place. Barriques and tonneaux are partly placed in the cellar underneath the masterhouse, with a bow structure, tuff and local stones. Some other barriques and casks are in the cellar underneath the cottages where the big walls grant a perfect thermic isolation. Here is the treasure and symbol of this land aging, the Amarone! The most important thing is the perfect temperature, granted by an air condition system in order to avoid any up and doown between summer and winter.   


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